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Maintenance tips for washing electric reel - Shimano

In order to keep your reel long time, Washing is very important.

We would like to introduce Shimano Japan's movie file of method of Washing Electric reels.

Although this movie file is in Japanese, we show description in English below.

How to Wash Electric reels - by Shimano Japan


Seconds Description in English
0:42 Tighten the Drag to prevent water comes inside body.
0:48 Close the cap of Connector to prevent water comes inside.
0:56 We recommend you to prepare those items for washing.
0:59 Wash display parts briefly, just wash the dirt on the surface.
1:05 Wash the line part with running water to get rid off salt and dirt.
*Do not use brush as it may hearts line.
1:08 Let the water run between spool and the body. Turn off the clutch and pull the line 2 to 3 meters long. You can wash the dirt and salt of bearing parts.
1:40 Handle part, Wash carefully as it gets many salt and dirt.
1:49 Use brush for tough dirt, use soft brush not hard one. Hard one may heart painting.
2:01 Small brush is usefull for around Levelwind.
2:17 Wash carefully around Levelwind part as it gets many salt and dirt.
*Be carefull not to heat Line guide.
2:30 Wash carefully small gaps.
3:06 After finish washing in water, clean with wet towel which can drip water. You can take off the ticky dirt on the furface of the reel.
3:33 Turn the handle to get rid off the water .
3:50 Use Air Duster to get rid off the water in small gaps. Please be carefull not to get the water get into the body.
4:32 Use dried towl to get rid off remaining water.
4:57 After that, Loosen the Drag and dry it in shade. Do not dry in direct sunlight or heat, as it may cause the grease melt.


  • Make sure that the reel has completely cooled down before you start any maintenance
  • Washing maintenance after every fishing trip is recommended to ensure that you will be able to enjoy using the reel for many years to come.
  • Use warm water, under 30 degrees centigrade.
  • If it has terrible dirt, you can use Neutral detergent.
  • Do not use chemicals, such as, gasoline, kerosene, benzene as these chemicals.

When you notice a deterioration in spool rotation

If the spool is not rotating as smoothly as usual even after normal maintenance then this may indicate that there is a build-up of salt in the bearing near the handle.

  1. Carefully immerse the reel in freshwater up to spool as shown in the diagram. Do NOT immerse the whole reel. Rotate the spool to dissolve the salt and regain performance.
  2. Remove the reel from the water and hold it up with the connector side facing down to ensure that the water completely drains from inside the reel.
    If that does not improve the situation, please contact us for repair.(Repair service is available only for our customers)

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