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Shimano NEW 9000 Beast Master 2019

Shimano NEW 9000 Beast Master 2019

Shimano BeastMaster 9000Real Monster!
Strongest and fastest in successive models

Max DRAG 25kg

Max Winding Power 133kg 
(10% up compare to previous model)

The Beast Master manipulates monster fishes at will

New GIGA-MAX MOTOR installed, Shimano electric reel strongest machine.
You can fish any Giant fishes and enough power and line capacity for deep fishing!

RELEASE Aug 2019

Special Price US$ 1,320.00

This reel contains Power cable

Original trasnlated English manual

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 is a Japanese domestic model. It means operation manual all in Japanese. (The number is Arabic numerals) But because of customers’ requests, we created an original English manual.

The Display is multilingual (Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean)

Shimano Beast Master 9000:2019 and
Line=YGK YOZ-AMI POWER HUNTER PE#8(80lb) 900m Perfect set

Shimano BeastMaster 9000 lineTackleUmi offer you a perfect set for Shimano Beastmaster 9000 and Japan made PE line set

RELEASE Aug 2019

Special Price US$ 1,480.00

Check the details PE Line Yoz-Ami Power hunter>>

Line winding service is FREE
(If you do not need spool it, please let us know when you place order)




Item Condition
Gear Ratio
Line Capacity

PE#6(60lb)/1100m #8(80lb)/900m #10(90lb)/650m #12(115lb)/550m

Nylon 12-700m 14-550m 16-500m

MAX Drag
MAX Winding Speed
MAX Winding power 133kg
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan

Shimano BeastMaster 9000
The Most Powerful model of Shimano!

Max DRAG 25kg

Max Winding Power 133kg
(10% up compare to previous model)

New GIGA MAX MOTOR which has blushless motor installed!.

Winding power drops if priority is given to speeding.
Speed will be sacrificed if aiming for power-up ....

In order to overcome this contradictory theme, the new Beast Master 9000, which further studies the performance of [GIGA-MAX MOTOR], has 10% or more.

While incorporating the advantages of the conventional model and new functions similar to Beast Master 6000, both high power and high speed have been achieved without fail.

Boasting a line capacity of more than one rank above the BM6000, this BM9000 demonstrate the power for heavyweight deep-sea games or deep zones more than 200 meters deep games.




Powerful brushless motor

Multilingual Display

Display is possible to switch Japanese / Englishe / Chinese / Korean.



Function of Shimano BeastMaster 9000

  • HAGANE body
  • GIGA MAX Motor
  • Thermo just drag control
    Control function to suppress abnormal heat generation of the drag part to maintain stable drag performance. If the drag slips while the motor of the electric reel is on, the gear will idle and cause an abnormal heat generation in the drag portion. In order to suppress this heat generation, when the drag is slipping, the motor speed is automatically reduced.
  • Auto Line Delivery
  • Jigging/Pick up button
  • Invitation Mode (Programmable Jigging Function)
    You can change the patterns of Invitation and set original movement.
  • Top / Bottom Mode
  • e-Exciting drag sound
  • Line tension display
  • Fukase Mode (Swimfeeder fishing)
    If you set ON, You can change Hitting Alarm sound speed 0 - Hi
  • Easy mode
    Easy mode is the function which maintain the tension you have settled.
    It means that reel catch the tention of line and change the rotation of motor automatically
    and maintain the fixed tention.
  • Speed mode
    This function is to maintain the speed whether you wind big or small fish. It means the motor
    of this reel adjust the speed (rotation spped of spool) regardless of the weight to the reel.
  • Memory backup function
  • Rod clamp attached

Cutomer Review

Mr Garciaz from France
Shimano Dendou Maru 9000 Beast Master ZB /DDM 9000 Beastmaster
(old model of BeastMaster 9000)

He caught giant wreckfish of about 61kg in the Mediterranean sea at Marseille (France) by 588 meters depth, using Shimano Beastmaster 9000 ZB reel is filled with 1200m of 65lbs stren super braid and was on a jigging master 150gr rod !!!

From Oman

New BeastMaster 9000 is the champion!

It is Beautiful, Strong, Fast, Quiet, Light weight, easy to operate and like its brother Force master 9000 I can use it on light weight fishing rod and fish holding it in my hand like I am using a normal fishing reel with no problem.

FAQ for BeastMaster 9000

Does this reel come with English Manual?

Yes! We translate BeastMaster 9000 Japanese manual to English. You can easily understand the usage.

I bought BeastMaster 9000 from another store and they did not give us English manual. Can you give me English manual?

Sorry, We only provide our translated English manaul to our customer who puchase from our store. We do not sell it either. Please ask the store you bought it.

Does this reel has Jiggin Function?

Yes. BeastMaster 9000 has Jigging function. Shimano call it as "Invitation mode". It has 2 Jigging modes, the one is 3 steps Jigging pattern, the other one is Original Jigging pattern which you can set your original pattern.

What accessory and parts come with the reel?

The accessory and parts of Shimano BeastMaster 9000 are, Power cable, reel pouch (not reel cover), rod clamp and thread pin.

If it's broken, how can I get repaired?

We have a one year warranty for all electric reel products.
Please contact if there is any problem.
If it is damaged, please send back to us and we will repair it and send it back to you.

Check the movie of Shimano 9000 Beast Master

The reason Shopmaster Mikiya recommend this reel



The reason Shopmaster Mikiya recommend
Shimano BeastMaster 9000

Overwhelming Toughness and Durability!
You will be surprised with its enormous power and high torque, you can catch more than 50-100kg(100-200lb) size fishes at once!
Satisfy all demands for Big Fish Fighter- not only for beginner anglers of electric reel but also for veterans.

Beast Master9000 is one of the best Electric reel for personal use and it is supremely favored by many Anglers.

The Power of motor of Beast Master overwhelms other Electric reels.

Many anglers enjoy super big fight fish over 100kg(200lb), they catch big size Grouper, deep Halibut and Tuna! Beast Master User spread over USA, Australia, middle east and more countries.

Beast Master 9000 is made by Shimano Japan Osaka, where Our fishing store:Takcle umi is also located. Shimano is a famous fishing and bicycle parts manufacturer.
They are making tough bicycle products having the ability to withstand harsh environments.
So, Products of Shimano should be tough and strong.

Beast Master 9000 is really tough and strong. Tackle umi sold several hundreds of Beast Master 9000 to all over the world, but we have never received report of failure from our customers.

We guarantee Beast Master 9000 toughness and durability is genuine!
Beast Master 9000 will be your best partner of your fishing life.

Many customers say “I used many kinds of electric reels since I started fishing, but I think Beast Master 9000 is the best reel I’ve ever had! I cannot go fishing without Beast Master 9000 Now!”

If you purchase from our store, we provide our original translated English manual. So, you can enjoy big fight with Beast Master 9000 just after you receive it.
For the best fishing, Choose Shimano Beast Master 9000!
You will be the best angler among your fishing friends.





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