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Shimano Beast Master 2000 EJ

New Shimano Beast Master 2000 EJ (Electric Jigging Model) 2019 model

Beast with a Cyber New Shimano Beast Master 2000EJ

Doubles durability
and creates various Jig actions.
Electric jigging compatible model with electric high speed jerk

Release 2019 Sep

Price : US$ 1,220.00

This reel contains Power cable

Original trasnlated English manual




Shimano BeastMaster 2000EJ:2019 and Line=PE#4(40lb) 400m set

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Release 2019 Sep

Special Price US$ 1,296.00

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Item Condition
Gear Ratio
Line Capacity


MAX Drag
MAX Winding Speed
MAX Winding power 68kg
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan


Electric Jigging Model
Shimano Beast Master 2000 EJ

The third option following spinning and bait is Beast Master 2000EJ, an electric jigging compatible model that Shimano presents to all jigging anglers.

New function, EJ(Electric Jigging) mode, that can produce a variety of jig actions including slide and fall, making use of high-speed jerk that cannot be created by human hands.

The reason for realizing this new function is the installation of brushless GIGA-MAX MOTOR that can instantly stop the spool when winding is stopped and can create line slack freely.

In addition, the combination of GIGA-MAX MOTOR and a powered gear system that has doubled durability than BeastMaster 2000 2018 model, provides sufficient power and speed while maintaining the durability required for jigging games.

In addition, it features a number of features that appeal to the sensitivity of jigging anglers, such as a motor and clutch interlock function, quick return clutch, NEW seabed / fish school depth display, super free spool, and e-centering system. This is an electric jigging reel that has the potential to develop a completely new jigging.



About English Manual

Shimano Beast Master 2000 EJ is Japanese domestic model.
It means Operation manual is only in Japanese.

(Display is multilingual (Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese)

But Do not worry, We TackleUmi translate Japanese manual to English and prepare quick reference manual for you.

You can only get English manual for Shimano Beast Master 2000EJ from TackleUmi exclusively!


Function of Shimano BeastMaster 2000

  • Giga-Max Motor
  • EJ Mode (Electric Jigging Mode)
    Selecting “Manual Jerk Mode” or “Auto Jerk Mode” Can be selected.
    `` Manual jerk mode '' means that while the button is pressed, Dynamic winding is possible. The winding speed can be changed immediately.
    (Speed adjustment is possible even during the fall.) “Auto Jerk Mode” allows auto jerk. SPEED (winding speed), MOVE (winding time), STOP (stop time) Can be set as you like. The merit of being able to reproduce the hit pattern
  • Auto Line Delivery
  • Super Free system II
    When the clutch is turned off, the spool is completely free and light, It is easy to bottom out with weights.
  • Super fine speed control
    Slow winding can be adjusted more finely
  • Jigging/Pick up button
  • Jigging Mode (Normal Programmable Jigging Function)
    If you set ON, You can change the patterns of Invitation and set original movement.
  • Top / Bottom Mode
  • e-Exciting drag sound
  • e-Centering system
    Turn the clutch off and the level wind position will be
    Moves to the center automatically, and the thread drop becomes smoother.
  • Line tension display
  • Fukase Mode (Swimfeeder fishing)
    If you set ON, You can change Hitting Alarm sound speed 0 - Hi
  • Easy mode
    Easy mode is the function which maintain the tension you have settled.
    It means that reel chatch the tention of line and change the rotation of motor automatically
    and maintain the fixed tention.
  • Speed mode
    This function is to maintain the speed whether you wind big or small fish. It means the motor
    of this reel adjust the speed (rotation spped of spool) regardless of the weight to the reel.
  • Multilingual diaplay (Japanese / English / Korean / Chinese)

Check the Shimano's Beastmaster 2000 EJ's NEW electric Jigging movie


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