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Daiwa Mad Viper BUll

Solid Glass One piece RodLightweight slim one-piece rod power with Tubular Power Maximum designe!

The Power Rod comes with the latest technology and it has three of the best technology in the world of fishing, the “X45”, “3DX” and “Tubular power maximum design. The thing is, Daiwa knows everything about boat fishing.


Length Packing
Weight Carbon % Price  
Top Dia Butt Dia Sinker weight Action
Mad Viper
Bull H-205
2.05m 1.69m 455g 79% USD700.00
2.3mm 10.0mm 300-750g
Mad Viper
Bull HH-205
2.05m 1.69m 465g 79% USD715.00
2.3mm 11.0mm 300-937.5g
Mad Viper
Bull HHH-205
2.05m 1.69m 480g 83% USD730.00
2.4mm 12.1mm 300-1125g

Shipping &handling charge

US$80 - Asia,North America,Australia,New zealand
US$120 - Middle East(Oman,Saudi Arabia,UAE),
Israel,Italy,Norway,Portugal, Sweden, Spain,
Switzerland, Turkey)

If you are in this area,please inform us before you place an order. We will set shopping cart for you.
***we can't ship out the item to Africa.

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Target Fish
Mad Viper Bull H-205 Kingfish, Great amberjack, bonito, Yellowtail, Middle deep fishing
Mad Viper Bull HH-205 Kingfish, Great amberjack, bonito, Yellowtail, Grouper, Middle deep fishing
Mad Viper Bull HHH-205 Yellowfin tuna, Kingfish, Great amberjack, bonito, Yellowtail, Grouper,
Middle deep fishing

Daiwa Technology


Relationship of elastic modulus and the orientation angle of the carbon fiber is a very special, elastic modulus greatly reduced angle of carbon fiber but is shifted 1 °. Thus, 0 ° · 45 ° · 90 ° is ideal structure when considering the performance of the rod, when made into an angle other than 45 ° as in the X structures other than the "X45", "Twist" , and the elasticity of the "collapse" is largely reduced.

The weight-up would require significant in order to demonstrate the power equivalent to "X45" at that angle. Have adopted the angle of three high modulus of elasticity most "X45" is the optimal structure of twisted anti-backed scientifically. (The designation changed to "X45" from "X torque" as a trademark of World-wide)


In the 3-axial woven fabric composed of a honeycomb structure in which regular hexagons are arranged, in order to have the same strength against the force from any direction, ideally having a can (the force of returning to the original when curved) shape restoring prowess support material of a rod basis.

Tubular maximum power

The fusion of bias thickness designed tubular power slim. For the ultimate condensed the material full torque bias of the wall thickness design,it has extraordinary power in spite of being on the small side.

In addition, blanks on the small side is blessed with very high information-carrying capacity at a high density, design of Daiwa own ideal for boat fishing rod balance of torque and delicacy are required exactly, power and sensitivity were completely fused.

Check the movie of Mad Viper Bull HHH205 vs Yellowfin tuna

DAIWA LEOBRITZ 750MT is used in this Video

This video presented by Daiwa

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