Dear our customers


We regret to inform you that Tackle-Umi closed our web-shop.
Due to Covid-19, logistics has been delayed or stopped and we could not send shipment to overseas. So, we determined withdrawal our business.

However, we accept maitenance request from customers who purchased from our shop.
So, if you have request, please send message from this page.

Thank you for your patronage for 10 years.


Sincerely yours,
Mikiya Arai





There is a site that use photos from customers on our site without permission. Please note that site/page (URL is not started from ) of an organization that has nothing to do with us.

Also, the selling price of that site is extremely cheaper than the market price.
If you use such site, the personal information you enter may be misused, or even if you pay the price, the product may not be sent, which may lead to fraudulent damage. Please be careful not to access such sites, enter personal information, place orders, or make payments.

Below is a site that copies our page without permission.