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Customer's photo gallery

We are introducing photos from our customers.


Mr.Hunt from Australia caught Cod 500 metres of water 80km off the coast of Brisbane Australia with his new Shimano Forcemaster 9000.


U. S. A.

Mr.Harper from Alaska U. S. A. caught 40 to 50 pounds Halibut from a depth of 250 feet. He use Shimano Forcemaster 9000.


Mr.Shaw caught Nannigais (Red snapper) at far North Queensland, Australia, Just north of Green island with Daiwa Tanacom 1000. The large one was 86 cm and 7.2 kg.

U. S. A.

Mr.Guess from U. S. A. caught 25#(11.5kg) ling cod from 330 ft deep sea off Oregon with Alpha Tackle Polaris iv500.
He said "Many meals from one fish. Ling Cod tastes great! ".

U. S. A.

Mr.Irving caught Golden Tilefish at offshore 80miles of New Jerseys with Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500.


Mr. SUNARDI from Indonesia caught 3 wahoo at Pelabuhan Ratu Bay West Java Indonesia with Daiwa Tanacom 1000 & Special 245H Rod.
According to him, "Its really nice to catch with those fishing set, almost 30 minutes, really enjoy. I could landed three wahoo is about 20 kg for each wahoo. I love Special its beyond my expectation."


Mr.Yousuf in Oman and his son and friends caught giant grouper using Shimano force master 9000.


Jimmy from NJ U.S.A. send us the photos of his fishing trip to Mid-Atlantic Batimore canyon,New Jersey USA. He caught monster Golden Tile fishing with Daiwa Seaborg 750 MT!


Mr.Shaw nice rock cod with Daiwa Tanacom 1000. According to him" The quality of the fish was very good in texture and taste, despite its big size. Much larger cods are caught here and they are usually released because the flesh is too chewy and its a shame to kill larger fish. The fish was caught on a 2.0 Gamakatsu hook in Far North Queensland, near Double island, Palm Cove, in 15 m of water."


Mr.Dias and his friends caught Blue fish, Spanish mackerel and many other fishes at South Brazil Sea with Daiwa Seaborg 150J-L.

U. S. A.

Mr.Yeoh caught White Merlin fish at Baltimore canyon, mid -Atlantic ocean USA.


Mr.GOH from Singapore (Member of CLUB IRONMAN MALAYSIA) send us photos of his fishing trip to Malaysia. He caught so many fishes!!


Mr.Jakobson caught Halibat in Norway with Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500.


Mr. Lindwall caught Blue eye travalain 500 metres of water 80km off the coast of Brisbane Australia with his DaiwaTanacom Bull 1000FE (Former model of Tanacom 1000)

U. S. A New York

Mr. Griffin caught mahi-mahi (Dorado) and many other fishes with Alpha tackle POLARIS IV500.
So many fishes!!!

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Malaysia SARAWAK

Mr. Seng send us his photos of fishing result. He used Shimano Forcemaster 9000

U. S. A. Hawaii

Mr. Nitta caught yellowfin tuna and mackerel with Daiwa Tanacom 1000.


U. S. A. New Jersey

Mr. Yeoh caught 18 lbs Cog with Special 245H Rod and Alphatackle Poralis iv500


Mr.Gat caught Groupers with his Alphatackle Poralis iv500 & Shimano BeastMaster 9000ZB (Formar model of BeastMaster 9000).
Cool fishing knife is his shop's one! Check out his website http://www.KnifeBlanksAustralia.com


Mr.Leslie Chng from Malaysia send us photos of his fishing trip.
Photos are His friend - the captain of the boat, Mr KC Hong using Special 245H Rod rod (which he bought through Mr.Chng) and a Shimano Forcemaster 3000MK
They caught 88 fishes, mostly one type of Red Snapper, but also a couple of Golden Snappers, a Cobia, a Queenfish, and a couple of another specie of Red Snappers!!

U. S. A.

Mr. Jimmy Sakura caught big Filefish at New Jersey



Mr.Sergey from Russia send us photos of his fishing trip to Norway.
He caught cod 15.5 kg. Pike Lake Onega 7.2 kg., Salmon of 4.5 kg and lancet fish with DAIWA HYPER TANACOM 600Fe & DAIWA TANACOM bull 1000 Fe.


Mr.Igor from Estonia send us photo of his fishing trip to Norway. He used Alpha Tackle Polaris iv500.
Also he caught 6kg cod.


Mr. Nguyen caught a harpuka and a bass grouper with Daiwa Tanacom bull 1000FEwith running 80lb braid in 350m of water.


Mr. Bulatov sent photos of fishing trip at Barents Sea, Murmansk Russia.
He used Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000FE


Mr.Guess caught 65lb halibut at the Oregon Coast with Alpha tackle Polaris iv500.
Of course, it tast good!


Mr.Garciaz from France send us giant wreckfish of about 61kg photo!
He caught in the Mediterranean sea at Marseille (France) by 588 meters depth!
Using Shimano Beastmaster 9000 ZB reel is filled with 1200m of 65lbs stren super braid and was on a jigging master 150gr rod !!!


Mr Rogers caught Snapper and Sampson fish off Moreton Island Brisbane Queensland Australia!!
He is using Alpha tackle Polaris iv500 electric reel.


Mr.Palenbaum from Israel caught 9.5kg Greater amberjack = Seriola Dumerili in the Gulf of Aqaba with his Daiwa Tanacom bull 1000FE. He also send big squd picture


Mr.Fay from Australia caught ruby snapper from 260m deep and 8bar cod with Daiwa Tanacom Bull 1000FE!!

Singapore (Maldive)

Mr. Seah from Singapore send us beautiful photos of his fishing trip to Maldive


Mr.Shamsir from Malaysia using Daiwa Seaborg 150J!!


Mr. Chan Tenpoh get Giant grouper with our original Special 245H Rod and Shimano Forcemaster 9000.

Victoria Australia

Hi there

Thanks for supplying me with my second Daiwa Tanacom bull 1000FE.
And yes I have had some success as per the photos although the tuna were not caught on the electric reel but the rest of the fish were.

Thanks once again
Mr Baker from Australia

Exmouth West Australia

Dennis Zaetta send us photos of his fishing trip to Exmouth & Fitzroy River West Australia.

Trawling for Mackerel West Australia.(Using Dendoumaru 3000 plays)
Red Emperor Exmouth WA.
Spanish Mackerel Exmouth WA about 4 feet
Two Barramundi caught on the Fitzroy River West Australia.
LOOK!! the crocodile under my right arm, keeping an eye on me!!!

Coral Bay (in Western Australia)

Shane Murphy send us photos of his fishing trip to Coral Bay in Western Australia.

The Red Fish is what we call a Red Empror, weighed app 13.6kg
the other was a Rankin Cod, weighing 10.2kg
& the other was a Spanish Mackrel, weighing 18kg

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