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F A Q - Frequently asked questions

We introduce Frequently Asked Questions from our customers.

About products

I want to purchase an electric reel battery.
Do you sell battery for electric reel?

We can’t sell electric reel batteries.We are afraid battery is a prohibited item inside the airplane. It is against air flight regulation.
Since we ship out all products from Japan, we use EMS air express service. We cannot send it to your country; the only way for you to get one is through one of our retail shops in your country.
As an alternative you can use boat’s power supply. Or you can use any fully charged 12 volt battery, such as an automotive battery, marine battery, deep cycle battery or even a small garden tractor battery. But please be careful of the boat’s wetness.

Are the control panel(Display) and buttons in English? 

Most of our selling products' control panel(Display) and buttons are written in Japanese, since we are selling Japanese domestic models.
However, we provide English translated manual for most products wherein you can easily understand its usage.
Feel free to ask questions once you received your purchased products. 

Can I purchase your English manual only?
I bought an electric reel at another store but there is no English manual.

Sorry, We do not sell English manual only.
We only provide it to our customer who purchased an item from our store. 

I want to buy 2 or 3 reels for me and for my friend.
Can I get any discount if I purchase more than 2 items?

It depends.Yes, but it depends on the discount rate of each items.
If you want to purchase two items, please let us know beforehand.

I want to purchase the item which is not listed on your site.
Can you find it for me?

Sure! We will do our best to find anything you want. Not only electric reel but also spinning, bait, or other reels, or fishing rod.
Even if it is not fishing products, as long as we can find it in Japan, please feel free to contact us! We will try to find and offer you the best price.

About payment

I have no Paypal account.How can I pay?

You certainly need not have a PayPal account to purchase our products. 
You can pay our items by your credit card
However, we do not accept credit card number directly. We only accept credit card payment only through PayPal

I have no credit card, how can I pay?

We accept bank transfers too. 
Please let us know item name and the quantity with your address and phone number through the contact form.
We will let you know our bank account afterwards.

Do you accept money order?

Sorry we do not accept money order.

About Shipping

How long does it take to deliver it to my country?

We ship out most of the products from Japan in  2-7 working days through EMS express service.Delivery period from its major destinations are as follow:
**U.S.A.      2-3 days
**Australia   3-5 days
**Russia      5-7 days
**New Zealand 3-5 days
Please be open to any possible delay of shipment.

My friend will go to Japan for a business trip. 
Can you send purchased products to my friend on his hotel?

Sure, we can send your purchased item to your friend's hotel.
In cases like this, we only charge our domestic shipping fee for about USD10-15 per item.
Please contact us before you place an order.

I want to go to your shop in Japan. Where is your shop located?

Sorry, we do not have retail shop. But if you want, we will guide you to our partner shop in Osaka. You can look and purchase many items.

About guarantee

If there is defect or damage, can I get guarantee for repair or replace?

Yes, We have a one year warranty for all electric reel products. (Not used items)
Please contact us before returning the items to us.
If the item is overloaded, dropped or submerged then you may not be able to get the warranty.
The manufacturer will check the status of the damage and they may charge repairing fee if the cause of the damage is above situation.

Do I have to pay shipping fee to repair items from my country to Japan?

Sorry, we are asking all customers to pay for it.
Please use the cheapest way to send it back to Japan. Take note of the tracking number to avoid losing the products.
We will not charge for the return shipment after the repair.

Please don't worry about repairing. Our fishing items are very tough and durable.
There is a very rare case for it to be broken or malfunction.

MAX Drag Over 12kg electric reel TOP4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Forcemaster 9000
Seaborg 500J
electric reel ranking4
Beastmaster 9000
electric reel ranking1
Forcemaster 6000
MAX Drag Under 12kg electric reel TOP 4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4


Plays 3000

electric reel ranking3
Focemaster 3000XP
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
electric reel ranking1
Fishing Line winder -Daiichi-seiko Recycler-DS
electric reel ranking4
Light Cable
Power holder CP160CH


priceunder399 $400-499 $500-699 $700-999 over$1000
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