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MAGMAX motor and MAGSEALED and JOG POWER LEVER,= Daiwa's latest technology !!

Release 2018 SEP

DAIWA SEABORG 300J 2018 model

Our Price US$725.00

DAIWA SEABORG 300J-L (left hand model) 2018 model

Our Price US$725.00

This reel contains Power cable

English manual available

Pursuing further comfortable operation with aluminum JOG, while maintaining the basic performance of fullness "REAL MONSTER"

Daiwa refined the improvement of further operability, while maintaining the basic performance of compact (lightweight) & power based on power required for small electric motors.

Aluminum JOG power lever considers the environment in the field and thorough pursuit of fingers to achieve comfortable operation even with wet fingertips. Take shelf, invite, slow hoist and leave it to the angler 's desire. On the launch side, MAGMAX motor which is compatible with torque and instantaneous power, ATD which continues to work smoothly, fundamental performance demanded for electric motors is getting support from many Daiwa's fans and it is truly successfully certified.

Mug shield ball bearing mounted on spool shaft shaft which is easy to gouge most durable. Shine on electric handheld games to achieve even more comfortable feeling. Continue to evolve "REAL MONSTER".

Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 4.7
weight 635g
Line Capacity(PE) PE#3:400m PE#4:300m
Nylon#5:280m Nylon#6:200m
Bearing 13/1
MAX Drag 12kg
MAX Rewind power 47kg
Normal winding speed (1kg load 145m/min
Standard winding power 12kg
Jigging function Auto jigging
Country of manufacture Japan
DC 12V


DAIWA Technology

Aluminum JOG power lever

Excellent grip performance by aluminum cutting, more comfortable winding operation even with wet fingertips. In addition, compared to current resin made, more delicate operation





JOG Power lever - There is fishing which can only be done with JOG.

"JOG power lever" which Daiwa pioneered in the industry and put into practical use. Conventionally, the power lever which was on the upper right of the reel body is placed in the center, and the dial type adopting the shape is easy to operate intuitively. This makes it possible to perform a variety of operations such as turning on / off / turning the clutch · re-taunching · tuning · winding up with a single thumb of the hand holding the rod.

If you grasp the rod, the thumb will naturally be attached to the upper part of the reel body, so it is ergonomically reasonable placement and shape.

The empty hand is released completely from the lever operation and it does not become long by changing the rod. JOG Learn to use power levers and enjoy the haggling with the target fish more lightly than ever.



Daiwa's original waterproof and durable structure that shuts out the invasion of sea water and dust by making a wall of magnetic oil and maintains the light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long time. "Magshield ball bearing" which applied this technology to the ball bearing itself which is the essential part of the rotation performance is adopted as a spool shaft bearing part which is most salty gummy and difficult to maintain. Spool-free performance · Maintain comfortable initial performance for a long period by sustaining hoisting force.


The basis of the underlying magnet motor system forms to produce power. Daiwa has adopted "Neodymium Magnet" which is an ideal special magnet that can produce a sufficiently high torque at low rotation low load. The same as those that are installed in the "Seaborg" having history and achievements. It became synonymous with the reel electric marine. Tough when you do not lose thrusting during large driving intense greens large, but also effortlessly hoisting the seat multi-point squid that boasts power.

ATD(Automatic Drag System)

The Drag need stability like automatic gear while angler is fighting with fish. ATD(Automatic Drag System) smoothly move and follow the power of fish with stickiness of special grease.ATD is subjected to their own settings suppress drag force reduction during Fight, anglers can be tilted awareness only to fight the fish



MagMite & FF structure

Structure to maximize the power of the motor with full use of the limited space of the electric reel. The speedup and maximum power in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor up, and also contribute to the motor drive efficiency up further.




Synchro level wind

Mechanism in response to the spool rotation together gimmick when dropped, when winding up, left and right reciprocation level wind (line guide) are linked. And keep a clean spool state, realize the gimmick falling fast and smooth. In addition, withdrawal of the drag is smooth.




MAX Drag Over 12kg electric reel TOP4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
Forcemaster 9000
Seaborg 500J
electric reel ranking4
Beastmaster 9000
electric reel ranking1
Forcemaster 6000
MAX Drag Under 12kg electric reel TOP 4 ranking
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4


Plays 3000

electric reel ranking3
Focemaster 3000XP
No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 No. 4
electric reel ranking1
Fishing Line winder -Daiichi-seiko Recycler-DS
electric reel ranking4
Light Cable
Power holder CP160CH


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