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DAIWA SEABORG 200J & 200J-L 2019model


DAIWA SEABORG Z500MM Small Monster2
For Light Game!
Daiwa's latest technologies are here!
Mag Max Motior,
Mag Sealed Ball Bearing

Released February 2019

Daiwa SEABORG 200J

Our Price US$ 700.00

This reel contains Power cable

Daiwa SEABORG 200J-L (Left Handle model)

Our Price US$ 700.00

This reel contains Power cable

English manual available

Gear Ratio 4.8
weight 475g
Line Capacity(PE) #2/300m #3/200m 
Nylon #3/250 #4/170
Bearings 12/1
MAX Drag 8kg
MAX Rewind power 38kg
Normal Winding Speed
(1kg load)
Jigging function non
Country of manufacture Japan
DC 12V


Daiwa's Latest Technologies

Small Monster 2!!

Waterproof and durable technology "Mag Shield Ball Bearing" that keeps initial performance blocked by blocking the entry of seawater and foreign matter into "JOG Power lever" (single made of aluminum) that can be operated comfortably in one hand, High Power & High Speed's "MAGMAX motor" loaded. Furthermore, "ATD (Automatic Drag System)" smoothly changes the tension according to the pulling of the fish, and it continues to be effective smoothly. The world of light games that can be enjoyed with electric reels such as Red sea bream and Snapper, Squid · light dropping in, etc. spread further. PE No. 2 - 300 m, No. 3 200 m size - 200 m.


Place the power lever in the center of the reel which used to be on the right hand side. To drop a mechanism to turn off the clutch. I turn off the shelf. I take heart the shelf. Match. Wind .... By the deployment of power jog lever, allowing one finger is only this operation. Without halting by re-holding the rod, it is possible to enjoy maneuvering target lightly.

MAGSEALED - Durable and waterproof technology of Daiwa

magsealed SEABORG 300JPE line and carbon rod's called the greatest inventions in modern history of fishing. The two are in the before and after birth, common sense surrounding the fishing was certainly upheaval. And, it is said to be comparable to the two major invention, waterproof and durability of Daiwa technology, "MAG SEALED". Its evolution began in the main shaft, and reach the ball bearing at last through the line roller. Reel got a waterproof performance further. Magnetic fluid is Maguoiru prevent the entry of water from the axis of rotation threatening reel, salt, sand. It continues to move without bearing keeps the smoothness, and get Zara in harsh environment. Rotation performance is maintained forever, angler's can concentrate on fishing without stress.

Center of the reel , Ball bearing has changed

Reel exposed mercilessly dust and Spray, sea water, sand and maintaining its performance will not be easy. It can be said for the reel of a collection of sophisticated especially rotation mechanism, waterproof and dustproof of the ball bearing is life line. Slight seawater only entered here, rotational performance I would be lost and not completely prevent salt Garni. That's why, the reel, devised a number of have been adopted in order to protect from water or foreign matter a ball bearing so far. However , it is hard to say that resulted in outcomes such efforts are satisfactory . I had resigned " reel , what rotation performance falls by entry of foreign matter and salt someday " he said.

To this challenge, Daiwa showed a vivid answer . It is a mug sealed ball bearings. The mug shield , it's technology Daiwa own to block the entry of water or foreign matter from the outside by a strong magnetic fluid film of " MAG OIL". This advanced technology, is mounted on a ball bearing is at the heart of the reel finally .

" Waterproof of it to thoroughly ball bearings ". Idea of this for many years, has succeeded in mug shield of the ball bearing at last. This mug sealed ball bearings, was equipped with the potential to development team also marvel. And even if I put the toughest test, the smoothness of the rotation is did almost the same as before the test. Mag sealed ball bearings, not a technique only for the top anglers seeking fishing severely. I used to bring the gospel to anglers of all hope forever and want to taste the performance of pleasant new . True innovation , it is mug shielded ball bearing. To complete the form of waterproof and durability that we apply the shield technology of space engineering, to impurities in the micro was also cut off, reel has taken a major step.

magsealed ballearing

The initial performance of the ball bearing for a long duration , it is possible to fulfill the service life of the original

Let's organize here the benefits MAG SEALED Ball Bearings brings. The greatest advantage is to maintain salt of ball bearings , rust , and significantly reduces the noise , over a long period of time of the initial performance is not limited to reel , if used for a certain period of time, rotational performance deteriorates due to wear of the ball every ball bearings about. However , the reel ball bearings can become unusable due to rust and salt before the ball has to wear. In particular, it is especially true for electric reel can be operated with wet hands in sea water or get splash in many cases.

This is the complete change in theMAG SEALED . Without maintenance, ball bearing 's so fulfill the " life of the original ". In addition to MAG SEALED ball bearings, since it is non-contract structure the MAG OIL fill the slight gap between the plate and the inner ring plus the rotational resistance is very small originally.

When compared to when using a rubber packing therein for a waterproof, difference in rotational feel is very clear . Friction-reducing effect is enhanced by adopting a MAG SEALED Ball Bearings motor shaft portion that was shielded with a conventional rubber packing, driving efficiency of the motor up . In addition, also a strong temperature changes , such as the difference between the outside temperature and heat generated by the motor . Compared with rubber packing , MAG SEALED Ball Bearings has excellent durability aging is even less , waterproof performance is up more. A result, shut out the intrusion of water, foreign matter motor, to the deceleration gear portion . Is kept long surprisingly motor smooth rotation of the friction is zero, without any special care as possible . It would be a matter of course or is

ATD(Automatic Drag System)

The Drag need stability like automatic gear while angler is fighting with fish. ATD(Automatic Drag System) smoothly move and follow the power of fish with stickiness of special grease.ATD is subjected to their own settings suppress drag force reduction during Fight, anglers can be tilted awareness only to fight the fish.


The basis of the underlying magnet motor system forms to produce power. Daiwa has adopted "Neodymium Magnet" which is an ideal special magnet that can produce a sufficiently high torque at low rotation low load. The same as those that are installed in the "Seaborg" having history and achievements. It became synonymous with the reel electric marine. Tough when you do not lose thrusting during large driving intense greens large, but also effortlessly hoisting the seat multi-point squid that boasts power.

Magmax motor SEABORG 300J
MagMite & FF structure

Structure to maximize the power of the motor with full use of the limited space of the electric reel. The speedup and maximum power in a small space. In addition, the cooling effect of the motor up, and also contribute to the motor drive efficiency up further.

Synchro level wind

Mechanism in response to the spool rotation together gimmick when dropped, when winding up, left and right reciprocation level wind (line guide) are linked. And keep a clean spool state, realize the gimmick falling fast and smooth. In addition, withdrawal of the drag is smooth.

DAIWA SEABORG 500J Functions
  • One push Clutch
  • Aluminum Diecast Body
  • Ultra Spool Free
  • Slow Winding
  • Pick Up / Pause stop button
  • Chumming timer
  • Auto Stop
  • Line sending function
  • Washable
  • Auto speed winding


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Light Cable
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