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Big Monster Machine

Daiwa Seaborg 1200J is the One of the Strongest machine of Seaborg series, Aim to

get Big Monster fishes, latest technologies and durabilities.

With the basic performance of Seaborg 1200MJ as it is, the standard Single gear



Released March 2018

Our Price US$ 1070.00

This reel contains Power cable

English manual available

Item Specification

Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 2.8
weight 1930g
Line Capacity(PE) #8/1000m #10/800m
MAX Drag 33kg
High Standard Rewind power 290kg
Winding Speed 120m/min
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan
DC 12V


DAIWA SEABORG 1200J Technologies & Functions

JOG power lever

A new shape JOG power lever that assumed instantaneous operation, assuming fighting in standing and winches. JOG operation with the left thumb when holding the rod with the right arm.

When holding on the left arm, pinch with the right thumb and index finger to operate the power lever. A comfortable operation with a good response with no room for counterattack to the target is possible.


MagShield Ball Bearing

Daiwa's original waterproof and durable structure that shuts out the invasion of sea water and dust by making a wall of magnetic oil and maintains the light and smooth initial rotation performance for a long time.

"Magshield ball bearing" which applied this technology to the ball bearing itself which is the essential part of the rotation performance is adopted as a spool shaft bearing part which is easy to get sea salt inside and difficult to maintain.

Spool-free performance ・ It can maintain comfortable initial performance for a long period.



Tuning a motor of the same class as "Marine Power 3000".

Daiwa's original custom motor which is torque first, smooth because of its brush motor, and excellent in durability.

Both power and speed at the same size ratio showed about 1.3 times the output and it has quiet driving sound.

ATD [Automatic Drag System] + Drag Radiator

A tough drag system that works smoothly according to the fish pull and keeps working smoothly.

Adopting seven large carbon washers greatly improved drag force. Since the handle bearing part is equipped with a drag radiator, the heat dissipation effect of the drag is improved.

A strong ally that controls the drag force reduction during fighting and also forces large fish to roll. Also equipped with a drag sound function to inform the withdrawal of the line by sound.


DAIWA SEABORG 1200J other Functions

  • Surface depth setting
    Before you begin fishing, make sure the counter is set to zero at the waterʼs surface.
    This is extremely important to ensure accurate fishing depth readings.
  • Inverse Counter
    Two counters are better than one. This reel has counters from both the surface and from the bottom.
  • Auto Stop
    Auto stop automatically brings your terminal rig to the surface, stopping consistently at your
    pre-set depth preference. It eliminates the need to constantly monitor depth as it comes up.
  • Slow Winding
    Out of 32 hoisting speeds, low speed 1 to 5 speeds are set to super throw. Effective "electric slow-winding" is possible for various target fish.
  • Ultra Spool Free
    High speed gimmicked drop performance realized by separating the spool and the gear of the motor part and eliminating the resistance to the rotation of the spool.
  • Jigging Master
    You can choose the jigging pattern, range, setting the timer and length you require.
  • Pick up
    You can wind it while pressing the pickup button
  • Winding speed display
    In the default setting, the lower area counter displays the winding speed.
  • Cumming timer winding
    The right timing for the best results is after a pre-determined amount of time has passed because the reel
    starts winding automatically.
  • Memory Backup
    Backup function to memorize the contents set in the mode at the next fishing.


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Light Cable
Power holder CP160CH


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