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Tough, Speed, Durability
New Daiwa's Ultimate basic electric reel

  • MagMax mortor
  • Slow winding
  • Pick up function
  • Auto Jigging function
  • Inverse/Depth Counter
  • Chumming timer, Timer winding
  • Boatside stop
  • Belt drive
  • Display revision
  • Washable
  • Alarm ON/OFF
  • Power code

Our Price US$ 499.99

This reel contains Power cable


This reel contains Power cable

English manual available

MAGMAX 300 is a Japanese domestic model. It means operation manual and display are all in Japanese. (The number is Arabic numerals) But because of customers’ requests, we created an original English manual.

Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 3.8
weight 580g
Line Capacity(PE) #3(30lb)/400m #4(40lb)/300m   #5(50lb)/230m 
Bearings 8
MAX Drag 10kg
MAX Rewind power 25kg
Max Winding Speed 145m/min
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan
DC 12V


MAGMAX Features

Daiwa’s choice for offshore anglers’ voices are now heard.

Here comes the “Speedy & toughness winding!”, "Quick dropping!" and its “Durability” capacity.. Daiwa makes it a point to meet their long term electric technology with DAIWA MAGMAX300. Though DAIWA MAGMAX300 is basic model, it is equipped with the latest "MAGMAX motor" technology and "UTD=Ultimated Tournament Drag" which they use for top-end models.


High power & High speed MAGMAX

Recently, electric reel's performance becomes higher and the size becomes more compact. However, anglers want the best performance, power and speed in electric reels. Daiwa has found "Special neodymium magnet" called MAGMAX and use it for this DAIWA MAGMAX300.

The electric motor of the reel is a combination of coil and battery (power supply voltage) which is basically magnetic. This is order to increase the power, but not increase the number of turns of the coil, or increase the voltage of the battery. Mainly just increase the magnetic force. However, the motor itself is increased by increasing the number of turns of the coil. . The same applies to the battery, increasing the voltage has limitations. The motor's output will rise if there is an increase of the magnetic force. The magnet can be used up until its limit.



DAIWA MAGMAX300 The basis of the underlying magnet motor system forms to produce power. Daiwa has adopted "neodymium magnet" which is an ideal special magnet that can produce a sufficiently high torque at low rotation low load. The same as those that are installed in the "Seaborg" having history and achievements. It became synonymous with the reel electric marine. Tough when you do not lose thrusting during large driving intense greens large, but also effortlessly hoisting the seat multi-point squid that boasts power.

Ultra spool free & Synchro level windDAIWA MAGMAX300

One of the factors during the dropping of the rigs is the rotation of the spool & its work performance. Ultra free spool rotates smoothly at light loads and exerts power in fishing or squid fishing and light mechanism dominates the game fall velocity. However, It can also be damaged to wind and the line level position is shifted during dropping. Speed slows down when load is applied. Daiwa electric features synchronization level. The wind levels and moves in accordance to the emission line. Because it does not take additional workload, we have realized a smooth and fast fall mechanism in the field of real fishing.

UTD=Ultimated Tournament Drag

DAIWA MAGMAX300 It eliminates the drag effect at the beginning of the initial bite, it is smooth and powerful, and has a carbon drag with excellent durability. It does not only take the resistance of firm vegetables such as in red sea bream fishing. Can be used to utilize the drag to prevent a line break reverse to smoothly follow the movement of the opponent. Its abilities are now proven offshore through “Soltiga”. It has a reputation for overwhelming power.

EVA Big power round knobDAIWA MAGMAX300

Fishing vessels are often overwhelming on wet hands as compared with other types of fishing. The force is put firmly on the grip with wet hands and with a large round knob material EVA. The operation demonstrates the power of a high load mechanism requiring force. The moment the reel operates when it comes to the crunch., it becomes operational. It also benefits the palm since the feeling is less likely cool when its coldness remains.

MagMax 500 Functions

  • Surface depth setting
    Before you begin fishing, make sure the counter is set to zero at the waterʼs surface.
    This is extremely important to ensure accurate fishing depth readings.
  • Inverse Counter
    Two counters are better than one. This reel has counters from both the surface and from the bottom.
  • Auto Stop
    Auto stop automatically brings your terminal rig to the surface, stopping consistently at your
    pre-set depth preference. It eliminates the need to constantly monitor depth as it comes up.
  • Jigging
    After setting your preferences, pressing the JIG/PICKUP BUTTON starts the function.
    Speed of the jigging can be adjusted with the power lever.
  • Jigging Master
    You can choose the jigging pattern, range, setting the timer and length you require.
  • Pick up
    You can wind it while pressing the pickup button
  • Winding speed display
    In the default setting, the lower area counter displays the winding speed.
  • Cumming timer winding
    The right timing for the best results is after a pre-determined amount of time has passed because the reel
    starts winding automatically.

User's Review

I was wondering whether I should buy this reel or Tanacom, but I choose it and I was right!
There has been much power when compared with the friend you're using Tanacom when I went fishing.
I could use this MAXMAX300 same as Seaborg. Handle of this MAGMAX is better and easy to handle.
I bought new and I was told.
It was a small and use it for yellowtail fishing. It is amazing evolution of the reel.







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