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DAIWA TANACOM 750 - new model of Daiwa Tanacom Bull 750 Fe


2014 July Release

Max Drag 20kg!!

The ultimate all-rounder for medium to deep dropping.
Compact but powerful enough to handle any offshore situations.


Special price: US$598.00

This reel contains Power cable
PE Line only

English manual available

DAIWA HYPER TANACOM 400F is a Japanese domestic model. It means operation manual and display are all in Japanese. (The number is Arabic numerals) But because of customers’ requests, we created an original English manual.

Target Fish

  • Migratory fish : Yellowfin, bonito, etc.
  • Middle Deep : Cod, Grouper, Gnomefish, Splendid alfonsino etc..
  • Live baits : Yellowtail, Amberjack, etc.


DAIWA TANACOM 750 Functions

  • Line sending function
    The line sending function works our line with the motor assisting spool.
  • Auto Stop
    Auto stop automatically brings your terminal rig to the surface, stopping consistently at your
    pre-set depth preference. It eliminates the need to constantly monitor depth as it comes up.
  • Inverse Counter
    Two counters are better than one. This reel has counters from both the surface and from the bottom.
  • Jigging
    After setting your preferences, pressing the JIG/PICKUP BUTTON starts the function.
    Speed of the jigging can be adjusted with the power lever.
  • Jigging Master
    You can choose the jigging pattern, range, setting the timer and length you require.
  • Pick up
    You can wind it while pressing the pickup button
  • Winding speed display
    In the default setting, the lower area counter displays the winding speed.
  • Displaying of the remaining time to auto stop
    Two counters are better than one. This reel has counters from both the surface and from the bottom.
  • Cumming timer winding
    The right timing for the best results is after a pre-determined amount of time has passed because the reel
    starts winding automatically.

Item Specification

Item Condition new
Gear Ratio 2.3
weight 1270g(2.99lb)
Line Capacity(PE) #6/700m  #8/500m #10/350m #12/300m
Bearing 4
MAX Drag 20kg(44.1lb)
Standard Rewind power 27kg(59.5lb)
Winding Speed
(1kg load)
108 m/min
Jigging function Programmable Jigging Function
Country of manufacture Japan
DC 12V


Does this reel come with English Manual?

Yes! DAIWA TANACOM 750 has English manual.
You can easily understand the usage.

Does this reel come with Battery?

No, We ask you to prepare your own battery. We can not sell battery either, because battery is a prohibited item inside the airplane. It is against air flight regulation.
see more about battery>>

Does this reel has Jiggin Function?

Yes. DAIWA TANACOM 750 has Jigging function.

What accessory and parts come with the reel?

The accessory and parts of DAIWA TANACOM 750 are, Power cable, cloth reel pouch (not reel cover), and thread pin.

If it's broken, how can I get repaired?

We have a one year warranty for all electric reel products.
Please contact if there is any problem.
If it is damaged, please send back to us and we will repair it and send it back to you.


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